Iphone Streaming

MOLABTVX- A new media organization dedicated to becoming a leader in mobile multicultural

ethnic entertainment; MOLABTVX will be the first to venture onto a mobile&global -cultural business

media model providing a end-to-end mobile content solution (B2C2P2U) for providers, distributors, publishers, advertisers,

and users to view, share, monetize and market; to a niche powerful ethnic group locally,

nationally, and globally; in which a worldwide network of 5 billion people around the world use

mobile communication. 


To provide aggressive minority centric mobile media exposure while developing innovative

solutions to accelerate productivity and the value of return on investments to clients.

High Definition Mobile streaming server:

A windows based (desktop application) running on our cloud server / VPS server and will be responsible for the streaming of multiple IPhone streaming jobs placed by the site admin and the media companies CMS. Streaming server application will be just like a multi threaded system services which will be publishing the contents to the different ports according to the requirements for the media companies. The streaming server would need an administrator to manage time to time though in many tasks it will be independent to do so carry on tasks on its own. New media companies will be able to stream their contents through a unique domain and IP at that place the admin will need to do the configuration for the first time for that company and then from that point the media company can keep streaming their contents as much as they want.

Streaming server will have the Following Video Sources to Stream the Video from to IPhone playout:

  • Live Video Signal (DVB, TV Tuner, Video Capture Devices Like USB Cameras,CamCorders
  • Internet Streaming Video (windows media format video stream)
VOD Video Files (mp4, MPEG-2, wmv, avi, flv)